Technical Services of Thermal Processes

In order to extend the scope of the Centre’s activities to include industry and other public and private R&D centres, we provide a range of technical services in the Unit’s particular area of focus, with the aim of evaluating fuels and equipment designs and studying the optimal operating conditions for the processes being investigated. Tests related to combustion and/or gasification can be carried out at CEDER-CIEMAT’s facilities

We are also able to determine the appropriate conditions for the process, obtain samples for the process, record measurements for different parameters and perform continuous analysis of gases. Our facilities also allow for the isokinetic sampling and characterization of aerosols in combustion flue gas, detection of gravimetric tar and analysis of gas from gasification. In collaboration with the Biomass Unit, fuels can be pretreated and densified prior to using them for energy recovery.

You can access the price list for the services offered by the Thermal Conversion Processes Unit by downloading this  document (18 KB).

All of the technical services must be requested via the Technology Transfer Office.
Tlf: 913466483.
Fax: 913466218.

If you wish, you can download this document of the Unit: "Research competences and facilities" (1.81 MB).