Wind Energy Technical Services

  • LE2 wind-testing laboratory:

The LE2 laboratory conducts tests on wind turbine power curves, in accordance with the UNE/EN 61400-12-1 standard (see document: pdf 1,9 MB), tests on acoustic-noise emissions, in accordance with the 61400-11 standard (see document: pdf 192 KB) and tests on duration (see document: pdf 1,8 MB) and safety and operation (see document: pdf 1,7 MB) in accordance with the 61400-2 standard.


  • Blade test rig:

The blade test rig makes it possible to conduct a variety of structural tests (including property tests, static tests and fatigue tests) on blades up to 11 metres long (see document: pdf 1,1 MB), in accordance with the IEC TS 61400-23 and IEC 61400-2 standards.
The actual-scale blade tests provide information that can be used to optimize and validate manufacturers’ designs. Additionally, some of these tests are obligatory in order to obtain certification for a wind turbine.


  • Modelling of hybrid systems:

Mathematical models are created to simulate the behaviour of hybrid wind-energy systems, both when operating independently and when connected to the grid, in order to study the optimization of the use of renewable sources for the generation and storage of energy.


  • Mould and blades for small wind turbines production

Production of moulds prototypes or blades for small wind turbines through additive manufacturing (3D printing and 4-axis milling machine).


  • Measurement and analysis of the wind resource with LIDAR devices

There are two LIDAR devices, with vertical VAD scanning capacity to study the behaviour of the vertical axis profile, site calibration, use and exploitation of wind, and measurement of the power curve.


  • Analysis and modelling of the wind resource in urban environments

Measurement of wind and wind turbine behaviour installed on rooftops. It is possible to analyse power losses, noise and vibrations to decide the best way to integrate wind turbines on buildings.