Ongoing projects


Sustainability assessment of a fully recyclable blade for wind turbines. Plan Nacional Ref. TED 2021-130201B-C33

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This is a subproject inside the SUCCES BLADE project (SUstainable and CirCular Economy SyStem for wind BLADE).

The main objective of this sub-project is the development of 100% circular and sustainable wind turbine blades by using a recyclable, low-viscosity liquid thermoplastic resin called AKELITE.


Wind-energy network for distributed generation in the urban environment

Knowledge network funded by the Ibero-American Programme of Science and Technology for Development (CYTED).

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This subject-specific network, which is funded by the Ibero-American Programme of Science and Technology for Development, aims to coordinate numerous research groups and companies from 13 Ibero-American countries in order to facilitate the development of distributed wind-energy systems (both separate from, and integrated into, the electricity grid) in urban, semi-urban and rural environments and for residential, commercial and industrial use, through the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Duration: 2018-2022


Completed projects


Small Wind turbines optimization and market promotion ELAC2015/T05-0682

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An ERANet-LAC project.

The main aim of this project is to promote, develop and implement the use of low- and medium-power wind turbines for applications that operate independently of the electricity grid and/or in areas where the grids are weak.

It also aims to optimize these wind turbines for adverse climate conditions (e.g. tropical climates and areas with strong winds) and to adapt their designs in line with the requirements of regional infrastructure.

Duration: 2016-2019






Prototype autonomous system for the desalination of water using mechanical steam compression powered by 100% renewable energy

This project is funded by the National R&D Plan.

It aims to develop a new and autonomous system for the desalination of seawater or briny water using mechanical steam-compression technology powered by renewable energy (both thermal and electrical).

Duration: 2014-2018.




New uses and systems for solid wood from Eucalyptus globulus

This project is funded by the Feder-Innterconecta programme.

Duration: 2013-2014.



Energy-balance management with smart distributed generation

This project is funded by the National R&D Plan.

It aims to design, build and test a smart management system for energy networks with distributed generation, in order to optimize energy flows while adhering to economic parameters and guaranteeing the safety and stability of the electrical systems in question.

Duration: 2010-2013



Energy savings for the desalination of seawater using wind power

This project is funded by the National R&D Plan.

Its main aim is to conduct an analysis of the technical feasibility of various options for directly utilizing the mechanical energy from a wind-powered generator to operate pumps at a seawater-desalination plant, through the process of reverse osmosis. Mechanical transmission using both gears and hydraulics will be studied, while the energy from the rejected brine will be used to produce electrical energy using a Pelton turbine.

Duration: 2010-2013.