Thermal Conversion Processes

The research we conduct at the Thermal Conversion Processes Unit is geared towards the development and implementation of systems for producing energy from biomass and solid waste, via the thermal processes of combustion and gasification. We also seek opportunities to develop new processes for energy recovery from biomass and solid waste.

With regard to combustion, we use our pilot plant to study the effect of operating conditions on process efficiency and emissions of gas and particles, with a view to implementing the system in larger plants, evaluating compliance with emissions standards and analysing the processes of sintering, slag formation and corrosion. With regard to gasification, we conduct tests in the pilot plant in order to determine the effect of operating conditions on the gasification process and the quality of the gas obtained, with a view to applying and utilizing this approach in industrial-scale plants.

photo of location of the Unit photo of control room for the pilot plantsphoto of combustion equipment test laboratory

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