The Centre for the Development of Renewable Energy (CEDER) specializes in applied research and the development and promotion of renewable energy. It forms part of the Energy Department at the CIEMAT (Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology Research) public research body, and its R&D&I activities focus on energy production from biomass throughout the value chain. It also conducts studies on wind energy from low-power turbines and seeks practical solutions for integrating renewable energy sources and storage systems into smart microgrids. CEDER boasts a professional team with advanced technical qualifications and technological infrastructure of proven quality, which enable it to provide technical support to energy companies and institutions within Spain and internationally.


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CEDER-CIEMAT is responsible for generating scientific and technological knowledge in the field of renewable energy and transferring this knowledge to society, in order to contribute to sustainable energy development.
CEDER-CIEMAT is a proven scientific and technology facility whose research and development in the field of renewable energy sources is internationally recognized. It is able to use public funds effectively and responsibly and is firmly committed to the social and economic progress of its immediate surroundings.