Virginia Pérez

Virginia Pérez graduated as a Chemical Engineer from Madrid Complutense University in 2004 and gained a doctorate from the University of Valladolid in 2015. She previously worked in the private sector and has been employed as a researcher at CIEMAT since 2007. At CIEMAT she is a member of the Energy Department and has worked in both the Energy Recovery from Fuel and Waste Unit and the Thermal Conversion Processes Unit, where she is currently employed. Her research activity focuses on studying the gasification process of biomass and solid waste, determining the composition of gas from gasification, sampling and quantifying the tar in gas from gasification, and developing approaches to cleaning and improving gas from gasification. Virginia has taken part in 12 research projects within Spain and abroad and is currently the coordinator of a LIFE project. She has co-authored articles for a number of international publications and has made numerous contributions to international conferences, in addition to tutoring university students during their internships at CEDER-CIEMAT.