Rafael Carnicero

Rafael Carnicero graduated as an Engineer in Automation and Industrial Electronics from the University of Valladolid in 2004, having graduated as a Technical and Industrial Engineer (specializing in Industrial Electronics) from the same university in 2001. He also has an online Master’s Degree in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ISO 50001).

For five years, he worked for the privet sector as Production Manager in Gamesa Solar-9REN solar thermal collector production plant in Spain.

Since 2011 Rafael has worked at CIEMAT’s Wind Energy Unit, where he is a Test Technician for the LE2 accredited wind-testing laboratory. CIEMAT uses this facility for testing the power curve and acoustic noise emissions of wind turbines, as well as the duration, safety and operation of small wind turbines, as well test for wind blades of up to 10 m.

He has also worked as an internal auditor for the Centre’s continuous Quality Assurance process, during the course of which he carried out a number of internal audits of the laboratory.

The main focus of Rafael’s work has been the integration of renewable energy sources (wind, solar, photovoltaic) into the power grid, including the setting-up of small wind turbines and small-scale photovoltaic plants. Currently, he is conducting tests on wind turbine blades made of new materials in order to make them easier to recycle.

He has also worked on several national research projects. In recent years, he has presented papers at international conferences on renewable energy, such as SWAT 201, REGEDIS 2018, REGEDIS 2019, REGEDIS 2022 and TORQUE 2022.