Luis Cano

Luis Cano Santa Bárbara graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the University of Zaragoza in 1999 and gained a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) qualification in 2012.

He wrote his thesis on the study of the magnetic field in electrical machines powered by axial flow.

Since 2001 he has worked at CIEMAT’s Wind Energy Unit, where he is the Technical Director of the LE2 wind-testing laboratory. CIEMAT uses this facility for testing the power curve and acoustic-noise emissions of wind turbines, as well as the duration, safety and operation of small wind turbines.

Luis’s main focus is on the study of independent systems and the integration of renewable energy (chiefly wind energy) into the power grid. He also studies rooftop wind turbines.
He is a member of TC 88.

Additionally, during the last 10 years he has taught on a number of official Master’s degree programmes and postgraduate courses on the subject of renewable energy.