Wind Energy

photo of class I/II test plant

At the Wind Energy Unit we develop technologies for systems that generate energy from wind power and operate independently of the electricity grid, or in areas where the grids are weak. This includes systems that facilitate the integration of wind energy as a means of tackling fluctuations, as well as new systems for energy storage.

Additionally, we test small wind turbines in our laboratory, using protocols designed in accordance with international standards; we also focus our efforts on improving the technology, products and market for small wind turbines.

We also conduct studies on how wind behaves when confronted with obstacles, including the simulation and validation of models for wind and turbulence.

In recent years, the Unit has been working in the study of new materials to make wind blades, such as new recyclable resins or the use of natural fibres. This aims to implement circular economy patterns in the lifecycle of wind blades.


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