Committees / Platforms of Biomass

  • Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU):

CBE JU is a public-private partnership between the EU and the Bio-Based Industries Consortium to fund R&D projects that aim to develop the biotechnology-based economy in Europe. 

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  • EERA-Bioenergy Committee:

EERA is the public research arm of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan). The aim of the SET-Plan is to accelerate the development and market adoption of key low-carbon-emissions technologies. 

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  • European Committee CEN/TC 335 and International Committee ISO/TC 238 on Solid Biofuels:

We participate as delegates and experts in both the European and the international committees for solid biofuels, taking part in a number of working groups, such as those focusing on terminology, chemical testing, physical and mechanical testing, and fuel specifications and classes. The aim of these committees is the development of the European and international standards for solid biofuels.

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  • National Technical Committees:

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Spanish Committee UNE/CTN 164 Solid Biofuels:

We hold the Chairman and Secretariat positions of the Technical Committee for the Standardization of Solid Biofuels, which is dedicated to the development of standards for solid biofuels at a national level. The Committee’s activities are related to the revision and adoption of European and international standards and the development and drafting of Spanish standards.

- Spanish Committee UNE/CTN 301 Recovered Solid Biofuels:

Committee member.

- Subcommittee UNE/CTN 84/SC1 Essential Oils:

Subcommittee member. This subcommittee is dedicated to the standardization of essential oils, being the chairman position held by the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics (STANPA). This committee also holds the secretariat of the international committee ISO/TC 54 Essential Oils.


  • Spanish Technology Platform for Biomass (BIOPLAT):

This group provides sector-specific scientific and technical coordination and is comprised of key actors from the Spanish biomass industry. This platform was established in 2006 by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness with the aim of ensuring that the commercial implementation of biomass within Spain enjoys continued growth while remaining competitive and sustainable.

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  • Spanish Biomass Association (AVEBIOM):

AVEBIOM is the Spanish association of the main stakeholders of the biomass value chain. Since 2004, this association works to promote and develop biomass utilization in Spain. 

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