The activities of the Biomass Unit are focused on three areas, which together account for the entirety of the value chain: production, characterization and bioeconomy. Production focuses on the development of knowledge, technologies and applications in the fields of resource evaluation, energy crops, supply logistics and pretreatment. With regard to characterization, we have a fully equipped laboratory that is a benchmark for the physical, chemical and energy-related characterization of biomass and its solid biofuel derivatives. We also analyse the processes of deposit build-up, sintering and corrosion in furnaces. Bioeconomy involves the study and development of processes to obtain bioproducts with high added value, such as essential oils. We also evaluate the technical and economic viability and sustainability of the biomass value chain, including life-cycle analysis.

photo of crops for the new bioeconomyphotos of biomass characterization laboratory and solid biofuelsPhoto of biomass logistics and harvesting technologies

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