13/10/22 Attendance at AEE Annual Conference

Attendance at AEE Annual Conference

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Soria, 13 October 2022

Technician Beatriz Ramos Hernández presented her conference “Site Calibration for the Study of Power Performance Test (PPT), Using Two LIDAR Sensors” at the Wind Energy Association conference.

The Spanish Wind Energy Association celebrated a conference on Operative Analysis of Wind Farms, on October 4th , where more than 170 professionals assisted. Among other subjects, they talked about how to improve and maintain wind farms, about digital transition and repowering of the wind farms in use nowadays. It is a unique programme showing the interest of the Spanish wind energy sector to improve and advance.

The programme was divided into 6 technical sessions. CEDER-CIEMAT participated in Session 2. The Limits of the Digital Transition. From Measuring the Resource to Predictive Maintenance. How Far Can Digitalisation Go? This was the main topic, but the four speakers also discussed about filtering data using Machine Learning, analysing the erosion of the leading edge of a wind blade with Artificial Intelligence, using SCADAS to operate efficiently, and the use of remote sensing devices (RSD) to study wind availability.

Beatriz Ramos, specialized technician from the Wind Energy Unit at CEDER-CIEMAT, took part in the last topic. Her conference was titled “Site Calibration for the Study of Power Performance Test (PPT), Using Two LIDAR Sensors”. It addressed approaching digitalization and monitoring the measuring of the wind availability, thanks to new technologies such as LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors. This was demonstrated by a case study in which the potential of these devices, that can measure wind up to 200 m high, was shown. 


Wind measurement in the wind energy sector started from cup anemometers. However, due to the size of the new wind turbines (whose diameter is getting bigger), the use of LIDAR sensors is becoming an alternative to measure wind availability in order to reduce uncertainty and risks. In the case study mentioned before, empirical data from a site calibration was shown. It was performed following the norm IEC 61400-12-1, but using only remote sensing devices. This situation is not considered in the norm yet, but the data demonstrated were equivalent to those obtained from cup anemometry.

Some recently published norms about wind availability measurement (August/September 2022) make us think that there may be a change that will serve as guidance in the future, as these norms already mention the use of RSD, be it in the nacelle, or in offshore or onshore wind energy.

On the other side, it was possible to talk about the CEDER-CIEMAT partnership with two start-ups. One of star-ups is W’WAVE, dedicated to study wind behaviour against obstacles; and the second one is GIRAWIND, a circular economy based start-up dedicated to recycling and reusing of the components of wind turbines.


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