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Artículos en Revistas Científicas:

MEDIAVILLA I., Miguel J. FERNÁNDEZ, Ruth BARRO, Elena BORJABAD, Raquel BADOS, Luis S. ESTEBAN. Effect of mechanical harvesting on the chemical composition and combustion behaviour of shrub biomass. En: Energy, 2020 
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MEDIAVILLA, Irene, Ruth BARRO, Elena BORJABAD, David PEÑA, Miguel J. FERNÁNDEZ. Quality of olive stone as a fuel: Influence of oil content on combustion process. En: Renewable  Energy, 2020,
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BADOS, Raquel, TOLOSANA, Eduardo, ESTEBAN, Luis Saúl. Evaluation of a Harvester-Baler System Operating in a Rockrose (Cistus laurifolius L.) Shrubland. En: CROJFE, 2020, vol. 41, n. 2.
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CIRIA, Carlos S. Carlos M. SASTRE, Juan CARRASCO, Pilar CIRIA. Tall wheatgrass (Thinopyrum ponticum (Podp)) in a real farm context, a sustainable perennial alternative to rye (Secale cereale L.) cultivation in marginal lands. En:  Industrial Crops and Products, 2020, vol. 146
FERNÁNDEZ, M.J., R. BARRO, J. PÉREZ, P. CIRIA. Production and composition of biomass from short rotation coppice in marginal land: A 9-year study. En: Biomass & Bioenergy, 2020, vol. 134
ORTIZ, I, M. MAROÑO, Y. TORREIRO, J. M. SÁNCHEZ-HERVÁS, M. FERNANDEZ & R. PIÑEIRO. Strategy for the Design of Waste to Energy Processes Based on Physicochemical Characterisation. En:  Waste and Biomass Valorization , 2019 
FERNÁNDEZ,  Miguel J., Irene MEDIAVILLA, Ruth BARRO, Elena BORJABAD, Raquel RAMOS, Juan E. CARRASCO. Sintering reduction of herbaceous biomass when blended with woody biomass: predictive and combustion tests. En: Fuel, 2019, vol. 239
CIRIA, Carlos S., Marina SANZ, Juan CARRASCO and Pilar CIRIA. Identification of arable marginal lands under rainfed conditions for bioenergy purposes in Spain. En: Sustainability, 2019, vol. 11
COSSEL, Moritz Von, Iris LEWANDOWSKI, Berien ELBERSEN , Igor STARITSKY, Michiel Van EUPEN, Yasir IQBAL, Stefan MANTEL, Danilo SCORDIA, Giorgio TESTA, Salvatore Luciano COSENTINO, Oksana MALIARENKO, Ioannis ELEFTHERIADIS, Federica ZANETTI, Andrea MONTI, Dagnija LAZDINA, Santa NEIMANE, Isabelle LAMY, Lisa CIADAMIDARO, Marina SANZ, Juan Esteban CARRASCO, Pilar CIRIA, Ian McCALLUM, Luisa M. TRINDADE, Eibertus N. Van LOO, Wolter ELBERSEN, Ana Luisa FERNANDO, Eleni G. PAPAZOGLOU and Efthymia ALEXOPOULOU. Marginal Agricultural Land Low-Input Systems for Biomass Production. En: Energies, 2019, vol. 12
MEDIAVILLA, Irene, Elena BORJABAD, Miguel J. FERNÁNDEZ, Raquel RAMOS, Paloma PÉREZ, Raquel BADOS, Juan E. CARRASCO, Luis S. ESTEBAN. Biofuels from broom clearings: Production and combustion in commercial boilers. En: Energy, 2017, vol. 141, pp. 1845-1856.
GONZÁLEZ-GONZÁLEZ, Borja D., Hortensia SIXTO, Iciar ALBERDI, Luis ESTEBAN, Silvia GUERRERO, María PASALODOS, Antonio VÁZQUEZ, Isabel CAÑELLAS. Estimation of shrub biomass availability along two geographical transects in the Iberian Peninsula for energy purposes. En: Biomass & Bioenergy, 2017, vol. 105, pp. 211-218.
GONZÁLEZ-GONZÁLEZ, Borja D., Hortensia SIXTO, Iciar ALBERDI, Luis ESTEBAN, Silvia GUERRERO, María PASALODOS, Antonio VÁZQUEZ, Isabel CAÑELLAS. Improving bioenergy sustainability evaluations by using soil nitrogen balance coupled with life cycle assessment: A case study for electricity generated from rye biomass. En: Applied Energy, 2016, vol. 179, pp. 847-863.
FERNÁNDEZ, M.J., R. BARRO, J. PÉREZ, J. LOSADA, P. CIRIA. Influence of the agricultural management practices on the yield and quality of poplar biomass (a 9-year study). En: Biomass & Bioenergy, 2016, vol. 97, pp. 87-96.
SIXTO, Hortensia, Paula M. GIL, Pilar CIRIA, Francesc CAMPS, Isabel CAÑELLAS, Jordi VOLTAS. Interpreting genotype by environment interaction for biomass prosuction in hybrid poplas under short rotation coppice in Mediterranean environments. En: Global Change Biology-Bioenergy, vol. 8, n. 6, pp. 1124-1135.
CASTELLANO, J.M., M. GÓMEZ, M. FERNÁNDEZ, L.S. ESTEBAN, J.E. CARRASCO. Study on the effects of raw materials composition and pelletization conditions on the quality and properties of pellets obtained from different woody and non woody biomasses. En: Fuel, 2015, vol. 139, pp. 629-636.
SIXTO, Hortensia, Isabel CAÑELLAS, Joost van ARENDONK, Pilar CIRIA, Frances CAMPS, Mario SÁNCHEZ, Mariola SÁNCHEZ-GONZÁLEZ. Growth potential of different species and genotypes for biomass production in short rotation in Mediterranean environments. En: Forest Ecology and Management, 2015, vol. 354, pp. 291-299.