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07/06/21 New!! Smart Grid article

Conversion of a Network Section with Loads, Storage Systems and Renewable Generation Sources into a Smart Microgrid. https://bit.ly/3gahkzy.

This paper shows an experimental application case to convert a part of the grid formed by renewable generation sources, storage systems, and loads into a smart microgrid. This transformation will achieve greater efficiency and autonomy in its management. If we add to this the analysis of all the data that has been recorded and the correct management of the energy produced and stored, we can achieve a reduction in the electricity consumption of the distribution grid and, with this, a reduction in the associated bill. To achieve this transformation in the grid, we must provide it with intelligence.


To achieve this, a four steps procedure are proposed: identification and description of the elements, integration of the elements in the same data network, establishing communication between the elements and the control system, creating an interface that allows control of the entire network.

The microgrid of CEDER-CIEMAT (Renewable Energy Centre in Soria, Spain) is presented as a real case study. This centre is made up of various sources of generation, storage, and consumption. All the elements that make up the microgrid are incorporated into free software, Home Assistant, allowing real-time control and monitoring of all of them thanks to the intelligence that has been provided to the grid. The novelty of this paper is that it describes a procedure that is not reported in the current literature and that, being developed with Home Assistant, is free and allows the control and management of a microgrid from any device (mobile, PC) and from any place, even though not on the same data network as the microgrid

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