Participation of CEDER in the StoRIES project

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Participation of Ceder in the StoRIES project

Soria, 3 February 2023.

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Ceder’s facility joins the european Project H2020 called Stories (Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System) Home | StoRIES (, with the participation of 17 european countries in which Spain is also included.

The main objectives of the project are:

1) The support of the transmission of transnational knowledge in the field of energy storage within an educative and informative programme.

2) The development of a Roadmap and Strategic Research and innovation agenda (SRIA) for the strategic and innovative development programme focus on the decarbonitation of the industry and the electrification of industrial sectors that are not 100% electric, such as the automotive sector. This goal is going to be achieved by increasing the percentage of renovable energies and the massive used of energy storage.

For the purpose of using massive energy storage, the hybridation of energy storage will be studied.  

It is important to highlight that the Stories project tries to generate synergies between the scientific community in order to promote the use of 64 singular infrastructures identified in the project and related with the different energy storage technologies: electrochemical, chemical, thermal, mechanical and superconductor. The list of facilities and experimental laboratories attached to the project could be seen in the link:  ATENEA MICROGRID ( . The facility of Ceder is one of the infrastructures attached to the project.

The Services currently offered by the infrastructure under the Stories project are: 

1.Characterization, modelling and validation of energy storage technologies (batteries, supercapacitors, flywheels and hydrogen based systems) in operational environment (TRL7).

2.Adjustment of operation parameters and control strategies of energy storage systems to fulfil the grid codes of the electric grid to be connected to. Frequency and voltage control, ramp rates, etc.

3.Dimensioning and selection of energy storage solution, according to certain grid conditions, emulated in a real operation environment.

4.Analysis of degradation, thermal behaviour and maintenance requirements of energy storage technologies when operating in operational environment with renewable energies.

5.Demonstration of the operation of a complete system operating in combination with renewable energy generation or/and energy storage.

If you need more information about how to access to the Ceder’s laboratory, please peek the Ceder’s web page, in the headlines of ‘Smart Grids’ and ‘Stories’. 

StoRIES Transnational Access Call 

The call topic is open to different sources of innovation: material research, development and testing of a component, device or device cluster, simulation of systems or system components, etc. and the integration of the innovation in the energy system.

The topic addresses a multitude of different energy storage technologies and their combinations for enabling long-duration (from several hours to months) energy storage and is explicitly open to all TRLs. Find more information Calls | StoRIES (

StoRIES International Researcher Exchange Programme Call 

The call topic envisages all activities that support the development of components/software or research on Materials Accelerations Platforms (MAPs) related to energy storage materials or technologies. This includes the production of energy storage carriers such as hydrogen, but not electricity. Proposals focusing on materials research should demonstrate the innovation potential of the selected material types for energy storage technologies. Proposals with the background to optimise the operation of MAPs have to demonstrate the benefits for European material research facilities or planned research facilities. Find more information here: International Exchange (IREP) | StoRIES (

The second StoRIES Transnational Access (TNA) call and the first StoRIES International Researcher Exchange Programme (IREP) call has been extended to Tuesday, 28 February 2023.

For additional information, we invite you to check the StoRIES website 

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