Use and Properties of the Gum Rockrose to obtain bioproducts

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Technical Workshop about the Use and Properties of the Gum Rockrose to Obtain Bioproducts were Celebrated in Hiendalaencina and Bustares, as Part of the BeonNAT and Biocistus 4.0 Projects

Soria, 10 November 2022.

A two-day technical workshop about the use and properties of the gum rockrose (Cistus Ladanifer L.), to obtain bioproducts, was celebrated in the Spanish villages of Hiendalaencina and Bustares, on the 20th and 21st of October.  It was a great success of attendance.

The first workshop, organized by CEDER-CIEMAT, started off with the welcoming of local authorities and the presentation of the BeonNAT and Biocistus 4.0 projects by their respective coordinators, Luis Saúl Esteban from CEDER-CIEMAT and Pedro Mauri from IMDRA. 

Presentation of the project coordinator

Next, following the programme, there were a series of conferences about topics such as: the determination of the gum rockrose expansion in non-farming marginal lands, as part of the BeonNAT project; diversity of species of gum rockrose in Spain and the co-relation between the composition and quantity of the essential oils, and their potential use in cosmetics, perfume-making and as a natural remedy; the properties of the main components of the gum rockrose vegetable extracts or the different kind of products that can be obtained thanks to the gum rockrose biomass derived from the hydrolates extraction and the making of particleboards. In addition, the process from the vegetal selection and the propagation of gum rockrose by herbaceous cuttings, until the mechanical harvesting of the plant with a Biobaler WB 55 pick-up baler and the López-Garrido Machinery TAB chipper-harvesting machine, both CEDER-CIEMAT’s property.  On the other side, there was an explanation of how to create devices with integrated low cost sensors to monitor the gum rockrose crops and how to do the data collecting as efficiently as possible, while taking into account the situation and budget. Another topic discussed was the manual harvest of gum rockrose and its industrial processing in the province of Huelva, done by BIOLANDES.

In the evening, CEDER did a demonstration of the mechanical harvest of gum rockrose with the López-Garrido Machinery TAB chipper-harvesting machine and, after that, the company El Jarpil did a demonstration about essential oils distillation with a distiller prototype developed by El Jarpil and CEDER in the context of the BeonNAT project. 

loading rockrose into distiller

The second day of the workshop, organized by IMDRA, was inaugurated by the Mayor of Bustares. It was possible to witness the extraction process of essential oils and hydrolates from recently harvested gum rockrose from the near-by area. Next, these components were used to make different types of cosmetic products, such as anti-aging creams, scar-repairing gel, lip balm or cologne.

Finally, the BeonNAT and Biocistus 4.0 project coordinators closed the two-day workshop; along with other local and regional authorities, including the Regional Minister for Sustainable Development from the Regional Government of Castilla-la Mancha, José Luis Escudero.

In this closing conference, the potential of a planned and sustainable management to prevent wild fires was highlighted, as well as presented as a way to stablish new bio-industries in order to create employment in the Serranía de Guadalajara County and fight against the abandonment of this rural area.

The presentations of the conferences can be accessed clicking on each of them:

Proyecto Biocistus por Pedro V Mauri.

Proyecto BeonNAT por  Luis S Esteban

Extension de la jara pringosa en España y area potencial por Ángela Blázquez

Aceite esencial de jara. Mercados actuales y potenciales por Pedro P Pellín

Principios activos de la jara Usos actuales y poneciales por Alba M Ramos

Seleccion del material vegetal y cultivo de la jara pringosa

Mecanizacion de la cosecha de jara y logistica por Luis S Esteban

Uso biomasa jara como combustible por Irene Mediavilla

Aprovechamiento de los subproductospor M del Mar Calonge

Aprovechamiento de los subproductos por Tamara Coello

Manejo industrial de la jara pingosa y principales productos obtenidos por Biolandes 

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