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The research we conduct at the Thermal Conversion Processes Unit is geared towards the development and implementation of systems for producing energy from biomass and solid waste, via the thermal processes of combustion and gasification. We also seek opportunities to develop new processes for energy recovery from biomass and solid waste.
With regard to combustion, we use our pilot plants to study the effect of operating conditions on process efficiency and gaseous and particle emissions, with a view to implementing the system in larger plants, evaluating compliance with emissions standards and analysing the processes of sintering, slag formation and corrosion. With regard to gasification, we carry out tests in the pilot plants in order to determine the effect of operating conditions on the gasification process and the quality of the gas obtained, with a view to applying and utilizing this approach in industrial-scale plants.


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Noticias destacadas

Proyecto de planta solar fotovoltaica

09/02/2021 El CEDER-CIEMAT y el Grupo Ríos Renovables desarrollarán proyectos de interes común en el ámbito de la energía solar fotovoltaica

Lectura de Tesis Doctoral

23/12/2020 Sobresaliente Cum Laude para una Tesis Doctoral realizada por un investigador perteneciente al CEDER-CIEMAT

CEDER-CIEMAT en el proyecto TIGON

02/12/20 El CEDER-CIEMAT será uno de los demostradores del proyecto TIGON de microrredes híbridas, financiado por H2020

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